Saturday, June 01, 2013

Share Your Holiday with the World !!!

My mates have set up a holiday wiki called Share Your Holiday. It is a public portal allowing anyone to share their holiday with their friends, their family and the rest of the world. Anyone is free to create a page containing a description of their holiday. It can be fun or informative, photos can be added. We hope it will act as a blog site for people and also a holiday review page to let people know about the highlights and low-points of a holiday desitination.

Hopefully it will prove to be a popular idea. It looks good to me, but will people blog their holidays ? It's free. so hopefully it will work !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing Kettlebell Workouts Like Jason Statham

Decided to change my approach to fitness and muscle building and a pal down the pub said that  Jason Statham is a kettlebell fan. He makes some great films and is a real action hero. His height and choice of clothes always seems to make him look less bulky and strong than he really is though.

So, I have a 16 kg kettlebell (thinking a 12 kg one may have been a better choice) and I am doing 2 arm swings, 1 arm swings, squats, high pulls, cleans, squat jumps and figure 8's.

Great fun and very tiring.

The other day I also started helping my brother with some house removals. That is real work. Knackered now!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

If you are overweight and have put on a few pounds around your waist then now is the time to start losing your belly fat. Fortunately some excellent advice is at hand from the leaders in weight loss,

The best ways to lose belly fat are:
  1. Change your diet - eat less sugar and consume more proteins and healthy fats. Sugar is found everywhere, especially in cereals, fruit juice, high GI foods, bread, pasta and white rice. So cut out all flour based food - yes, stop eating bread - and eat a low GI diet. Lots of healthy salads are recommended.
  2. Start a new exercise regime. Even if you are active now you will respond better to doing new and different exercises. Do some weight training, build new muscles, get fit and make your cardiovascular system stronger.
The rues are simple, implementing is often the problem.

You need to be focused on the task ahead. Always believe in yourself. Losing weight and getting fit is not rocket science, it just requires a bit of hard work and determination.

Good luck!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bruce Lee Abs Workout

Bruce Lee was a God amongst us mere mortals. He was a man of steel, but steel that flowed like water. He was a living Wolverine. Every muscle was toned to total perfection. Espexially his abdominals. His amazing 6 pack.

Bruce Lee's abdominals were so well defined you could lie Bruce down on the floor and stand slices of toast in between them.

Bruce trained his abs relentlessly. Every day he did core exercises, either as part of a martial arts workout or bodybuilding / weight training.

A lot of the exercises Bruce did are no longer recommended due to back problems. But he loved standard military style sits ups, Roman chair exercises, as well as crunches and weighted abdominal exercises, hanging leg raises and side bends.

But getting abs like Bruce Lee is not just a matter of training like him. You need his genetics too, and eat like him, and have his willpower. I lack all of that myself. I binged tonight. I want to be fit, but I obviously just do not want it that much at the moment.

If you look old, it is because you are!

People that look younger than others the same age as themselves tend to live longer. Natural deaths occur sooner in people that look like they have had a hard life.

Even adjusting for their real age, sex, and the environment in which they grew up, the perceived age of the twins was linked to their physical and mental agility and with the ability of their cells ability to replicate, a key sign of ageing.

Prof Kaare Christensen from the University of Southern Denmark, who led the study, said that the findings could prove the usefulness of comparing a person’s real age with how old they look as an indicator of their overall health.

“When assessing health, physicians traditionally compare perceived and chronological age, and for adult

patients the expression “looking old for your age” is an indicator of poor health,” the authors of the research write.

“Our study indicates that this practice, which has existed for decades if not centuries, 14is actually a useful clinical approach especially given that in a clinical setting perceived age is based on an array of indicators in addition to facial appearance.”

The research points out that many lifestyle habits which are bad for overall health, including smoking, sunbathing and eating junk food can also cause people to look older.

The findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

Poorer Becoming More Obese

Lack of social mobility and financial security is leading to increased obesity rates in the poorer classes according to the BBC.

"A widening class gap is likely to be seen in the coming years in childhood obesity, a study suggests.

Previous research has suggested rates in England may be levelling off.

But the University College London team found this was happening most in children aged two to 10 from wealthier backgrounds.

Researchers said obesity rates among the lower classes were likely to be significantly higher by 2015 - for girls the levels may even be double.

They analysed data gathered by the government-funded Health Survey for England.

Currently 6.9% of boys and 7.4% of girls are obese - with the difference between the lower and higher classes 0.6% and 1.5% respectively for boys and girls.

The widening socio-economic gap may be partly due to difficulties to reach and communicate health messages to families from lower socio-economic groups
Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis, lead researcher

But using historical trends, they predicted that by 2015 obesity rates could be above 10% for boys and 8.9% for girls.

Depending on the extent of the "levelling off" reported last month, the overall rates could be even lower."

Monday, December 14, 2009

You Fatties Gotta Get Fit Innit!

So, you wanna get fit 'cos you're a bit fat, but you love your burgers and cheese sarnies, so what do you do? Well, you gotta get off your backside and sort yourself out, workout, eat well, pump iron like your names Arnold Schwarzenegger, run like you are Usain Bolt, smack a golf ball about a park like your a Tiger in the Woods.

But how? Learn how on the web. Head over to Linkpedia and check out their health and fitness section. The directory includes information websites, personal trainers, gyms and fitness stores. Oh, and just found this list, its a bit slow to load, but a few tasty treats.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sandwiches and Chocolate Brownies

Just had a lunch meeting with company directors, and my diet went out the window again. There was a huge array of sandwiches on offer, which meant that the wheat-free diet suffered in a major way. Then there were some very tasty chocolate brownies. I ate four. I could have had to be polite, but instead had four, as I am a fat pig.

On the bright side (of this week) my kung-fu master contacted me yesterday to ask when I will be training again. I have yet another cold at the moment, but hope to get back into training soon. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn the five point exploding heart technique from a kung-fu master, so I really should attempt to prove myself worthy and get my ass back in the swing of things.

Maybe tomorrow if I feel better.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bruce Lee Fitness and Diet

There is no doubt that Bruce Lee is still the greatest martial artist of all time. Van Damme, Norris, Jackie Chan, Jet Li - they are all good. They all have their own unique styles and they have all produced some great films. But for dedication, and athletic appearance, Bruce Lee is still the best.
If you want to learn more about the man, how he ate, how he worked out, then head over to, as they have a few good articles on Bruce Lee.